Meet the Junk Food Villains

Zerger the Harmburger

Burgers are a convenience food found in many fast-food restaurants.  Classic burgers such as beef, bacon and/or cheeseburgers are very high in salt and saturated fat.  When you have too much of these, you can be tired, have a bad night’s sleep, run out of breath quickly and feel sluggish. It can even lead to sickness.

Ice Queen Jean

Ice cream is a popular summer treat, but shouldn’t be eaten all the time. This is because ice cream is full of added sugar, which can cause cavities, toothaches and stomach aches, and is high in saturated fat which can lead to illness later in life.

Mr Slim Fat - Choc-o-lat

Chocolate is made from cocoa beans, which are roasted and fermented.  Sugar, butter, milk, and vanilla is then added for flavour and texture. Since there is added sugar and butter, it’s best to limit chocolate. Too much sugar can harm your health by causing tiredness, cavities, and can ruin your appetite!

Frenchy the Frier

Fries are potatoes that are deep-fried in oil. Although potatoes give you energy, the oil is high in saturated fat, trans fat and salt, all of which can cause poor energy levels and bad health.  Too many fries can ruin your appetite, make you feel nauseous and tired, and make it harder for you to do active things you love.

Greasy Greg Chicken Leg

Fried chicken is a dish where the chicken is coated in batter and deep-fried – making them crispy.  The batter and oil add lots of salt, cholesterol, saturated fat and trans fat. After eating fried chicken, you may feel sleepy, and everyday tasks like walking up the stairs can seem harder.  Over time, lots of fried chicken can harm our heart.

Rot Dog Roger

Hot dogs are highly processed, meaning that it’s very far from natural foods. They’re made of pork and animal remains that people normally wouldn’t eat, such as organs, fat, snouts, and other body parts!  Too many hot dogs and processed foods can cause constipation, stomach aches, and lead to many different diseases later in life.

Donutter Dennis

A donut is made from frying dough and dipping it into icing. It’s extremely high in sugar. One donut can have up to 27g – that’s 7 teaspoons!  Would you eat 7 tsp of sugar? Probably not. Too many donuts can cause an energy crash, making you too tired to do fun things like play sports or hang out with friends.  It can also lead to disease later in life. 

Meet the Sugary Drink Assassins

The Soda Pop Sniper

Soda is a carbonated drink that has a lot of added sugar, and sometimes caffeine. Drinking too much can harm our health in many ways.  It can cause cavities and toothaches, make us tired, interrupt our sleep, and impact our bodies – you may even have a harder time running around.  Over time, too much soda can even weaken our bones.

Juicer Jones

Juice is the liquid part of fruits. There’re many types of juice – apple, orange, grapefruit, watermelon. Although it has nutrients, it also has lots of sugar. When we drink too much sugar, we can get toothaches, cavities, upset stomachs, and be tired.  It’s best to limit the amount of juice you drink or try a healthy alternative.